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At Limitless Canines we understand that all dogs are different; just like their humans. This means we are flexible and customize all dog training programs to suit the dog and owner's needs.

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Limitless Canines Boarding Retreat

We are delighted to introduce our new Limitless Boarding Retreat – the perfect destination for your beloved canine companion. Our retreat offers spacious and comfortable accommodations, set in a beautiful natural environment, providing your dog with ample opportunities for learning. Our dedicated team ensures your pup receives expert care, including meals and plenty of stimulation. Stay connected with photo updates. Limited spots are available, so secure your dog's dream retreat now!

Individual Lessons

Our single Private Lessons offer a personalized approach to pet training, where we tap into your pet's unique history and characteristics. Our experienced trainers will work with you to craft a customized training plan, emphasizing the potential for every pet to understand commands. These one-on-one lessons lay a strong foundation for obedience and good behavior, ensuring a lasting bond between you and your furry friend. Unlike a full training program, an Individual Lesson is a flexible single appointment that allows you to address specific issues or work on particular commands. Take the first step in unlocking your pet's full potential and book a single Private Lesson with us today

Kamp K9 - Daycare

Lead a busy life but want to ensure your dog's mental and physical well-being? Look no further than Kamp K9's Day Training Program! Drop off your beloved companion as early as 8 am and retrieve them by 6 pm. While here, your dog will engage in focused training sessions, perfecting basic obedience skills and refining their manners and boundaries. Kamp K9 is in session four days a week, with a flexible program of 16 days, for you to use as needed. Whether it's once weekly or twice weekly, we've got you covered! Join us on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays to give your dog the enriching experience they crave.

Pamper Your Pup

We offer a range of grooming services to enhance your dog's stay, ensuring they look and feel their best. Choose from luxurious baths with premium shampoos, a deep conditioning massage, nail trimming, nail dremeling, and anal gland expression. Our experienced team is dedicated to your dog's well-being, whether they're here for a day (Kamp K9) or longer (Boarding Retreat). Add any of these grooming services to your reservation for that extra touch of care.

Limitless Canines Academy

The "Limitless Canine Academy" program is a comprehensive 6 week board and train program, followed by three private lessons, designed to address various training and behavioral needs in dogs. During the board and train phase, dogs stay with the trainers at their homes and receive multiple daily training sessions, ensuring intensive and focused training. Dogs are treated as family members during their stay, which promotes socialization and comfort. The goal is to prepare dogs for a more confident and well-behaved life, setting a solid foundation for their relationship with their owners. The program concludes with private lessons to help owners transition their dog's training into their daily routines and address specific concerns. This program offers a holistic approach to dog training, tailored to individual needs and focused on building a strong bond between dogs and their owners.


At Limitless Canines, we're dedicated to tailoring our programs to meet your dog's unique needs. Our experienced trainers will conduct a thorough 30-minute to one-hour evaluation of your dog, followed by a comprehensive discussion. This personalized approach helps us determine the ideal program that will bring out the best in your dog. Whether it's obedience training, behavior modification, or specialized instruction, we're committed to enhancing the bond between you and your pet. Join us to discover the perfect training solution that suits both you and your dog. Evaluations are required for every dog coming in for any service.

AKC Title Testing

I'm thrilled to introduce myself as an AKC evaluator, which means I'm equipped to offer a wide range of certifications and titles for your beloved canine companion. As a passionate advocate for responsible dog ownership and the promotion of well-behaved, well-trained dogs, I'm proud to be able to provide evaluations for various AKC programs. These include the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification, the STAR Puppy program, Community Canine, Urban Canine, and Trick Dog Titles. Whether you're looking to develop a stronger bond with your dog or simply showcase their skills and talents, I'm here to guide you through the evaluation process. Let's work together to achieve these titles and celebrate your dog's accomplishments. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey towards a more obedient and impressive furry friend!
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