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Dog Training Services

Dog Training Services

Dog Training Services

At Limitless Canines we understand that all dogs are different; just like their humans. This means we are flexible and customize all dog training programs to suit the dog and owner's needs.

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Elite K9 Academy

With this all inclusive program our team will be with you from puppy-hood to maturity, every step of the way. Starting with a two week board and train as described in ‘K9 SleepAway Kamp’ the messy part of puppy-hood is a stress taken off your shoulders. This is followed by private tutoring until six months of age to build a relationship of trust and respect between you and your dog. Next, a 2 - 4 week board and train cements all of the skills your dog has acquired along the way. Together you will receive three final sessions to address any lingering concerns and fortify your confidence in one another.

K9 Academy Board & Train

With this program you will receive three private lessons before a 2 - 4 week board & train followed by an additional three lessons - Your dog will stay with us, in our homes, joining our day to day routine and receiving multiple training sessions daily. Your dog will be treated as a family member while in our care and will leave ready for you to begin a more fun and confident life together. (6 months and older)

Private Tutoring Program

These one-on-one lessons utilize an intimate understanding of your animal's natural and individual history to create a program tailored to your needs. Every pup has the potential to learn and understand commands, and our techniques will lay a strong foundation for you to build upon. Obedience skills are taught in a variety of situations to ensure reliable behavior and a dog you can confidently take anywhere. The Private Tutoring Program lasts between 8 - 12 weeks and consists of a weekly one hour session with one of our professional trainers, you, and your dog. Additionally, this program comes with access to our exclusive online Facebook community.

Lifestyle Program

Do you want to build a better relationship with your dog? With this program you will receive three private lessons with a trainer to start you and your dog down the right path. Despite this program’s quaint appearance, our techniques equip you with a skill set and foundation that can support your canine endeavors for years to come.

K9 Konnection Virtual Academy

So you can’t make it to the training center in person. Maybe you live too far or are maintaining quarantine; whatever the case, our trainers can still guide you through the process of working with your dog. Two - 30 minute lessons weekly for 8 weeks held via Zoom.
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A La Carte Services

Day Training

Need a tune up? Drop your dog for a day at the training center. With drop off starting at 9am and pick up by 6pm, day training allows for a flexible schedule of sessions throughout the day. Even on their down time your pup receives valuable socialization in a safe and controlled environment. (Only for clients that have already purchased a program)

VIP Membership

This membership includes - access to our private facebook community populated by staff, program graduates, and fellow current clients; educated consultations on canine care subjects such as diet, grooming, product recommendations, and health advice from a veterinary technician with 15 years of professional experience; discounted tickets to auxiliary events such as movie and craft nights; the ability to message our trainers all of your quick questions about training practices; access to video references of common techniques;.