Limitless Canines | Limitless Canines fka Smashingly Respectful Dog Training

Limitless Canines fka Smashingly Respectful

Limitless Canines fka Smashingly Respectful

Limitless Canines fka Smashingly Respectful


-Dr. Ian Dunbar

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K9 Academy

With this program you will receive three private lessons before a 2 - 4 week board & train followed by an additional three lessons - Your dog will stay with us, in our homes, joining our day to day routine and receiving multiple training sessions daily. Your dog will be treated as a family member while in our care and will leave ready for you to begin a more fun and confident life together. (6 months and older)

Private Tutoring

These one-on-one lessons utilize an intimate understanding of your animal's natural and individual history to create a program tailored to your needs. Every pup has the potential to learn and understand commands, and our techniques will lay a strong foundation for you to build upon. Obedience skills are taught in a variety of situations to ensure reliable behavior and a dog you can confidently take anywhere. The Private Tutoring Program lasts between 8 - 12 weeks and consists of a weekly one hour session with one of our professional trainers, you, and your dog. Additionally, this program comes with access to our exclusive online Facebook community.

Kamp K9

No time to train your dog? This is the program for you. With our day training program you can drop your dog off as early as 9 am and pick up by 6 pm. In this program your dog will learn all their basic obedience skills as well as proper manners and boundaries. Kamp K9 is in session 4 days a week for 3 weeks and includes 30 minute weekly meetings to discuss your dog’s behavior and review any new skills.

"Ashley is great with dogs. She goes above and beyond. She made adjustments as needed along the way to suit your animal. Definitely recommend!" -Haley

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