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Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Ashley, our trainer actually trained us, which in turn, gave us the skills and confidence to work (train) with our Havanese. Yes, I said work! Be prepared to practice training techniques multiple (25-50) times per day. As we did, our confidence grew and the bond with our dog increased. The training is expensive, but at Limitless Canines you truly get what you pay for. The training center clean and fresh. Ashley always takes the time to answer all our questions (at times she can be very blunt) as well she gives great explanations behind why she trains like she does. As a bonus, Cory greets you at the door with a smile. Just in case you wondered....Kaci Mae loves all the staff!!!

Kaci Mae and Kim August 2021

We took our rescued, 140 lb, Cane Corso named Roman to Limitless Canines to address issues we were having with dog aggression, stubbornness, and inability to groom him whatsoever. Shaun took in our issues, listened to us about what we wanted out of our dog/human relationship, and broke down every part of our relationship so we could build a new foundation from the ground up. The time and attention that Shaun devoted to us and Roman was spot on. We never felt like we didn't understand the exercises or the end goals when training. He also cares deeply about his clients and wants everyone to succeed. The program is also very focused on your specific issues and if you need more time or more guidance when teaching your dog something new, they are very willing to keep working you through it. I cannot recommend this company enough. If you love your dog, but don't always love their behavior, why suffer through it? Changing our relationship with our dog changed our lives. It can change yours too!

Roman, Aaron, and Emily August 2021

I started noticing results on day 2. My dog was becoming more calm and paying attention to me. That was when I knew choosing Ashley and her team at limitless Canine was the best decision EVER! Training is made simple so both you and your dog understand the goals. We haven't even finished all of our classes yet and I am so happy with the progress. I am on my way to getting my dream dog that I can take anywhere and for that, I am so thankful!

Nyla and Kristie August 2021

I came to Ashley in October 2020 because I wanted to get my dog, Winston, certified as a therapy dog and needed to acquire many obedience skills to pass the certification tests. Ashley and the whole team there are amazing! Ashley's training style is a total game changer. Not only did Winston learn all the skills he needed to pass his Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Certification exams and is now a working therapy dog, but he transformed from a rescue puppy who had lived his first 6 month outside into a bombproof dog who is amazing in our home, and who we can take to outdoor dining and other establishments with confidence in his ability to behave! The skills she teaches are so important for general safety too! Our first time walking through the DC streets, an car quickly made an illegal left turn in front of us. Thankfully Winston was in a perfect heel and when I stopped very suddenly in the crosswalk, he auto-sat right beside me like he was trained to do. Had he been pulling on the leash out in front of me, he could have easily been hit, and it all happened too fast to have been able to pull him out of the way! Thankfully, he was trained to stop as soon as I stopped! If you are looking for dog training in the area for any reason, look no further!

Winston and Kristen March 2021

All of the above responses. Ashley and the whole team are great. I’ve done lots of different obedience classes throughout my life and their approach is different from any of the previous classes. I think their approach gets faster results.

Sully and Nadine March 2021

Excellent training facility! No need to search any further for a trainer or program. Leaps and bounds above any of your big store training.

Rocco and Chyrisse November 2020

Can’t say enough good things about Ashley and the staff at [Limitless Canines]. I was determined to not have a stereotypical “yappy” Pomeranian. I now have a dog I can trust in public and I constantly get compliments on how well behaved he is. The best part? He does all of this without treats which is so important in making sure my little guy stays safe. I’ve felt so supported through this entire process and could not have done it without Ashley’s support and guidance. The upfront cost can be a bit of a hit, but it leaves you with a companion that you can take anywhere with you for years to come.

Andy, Diana and Kasie November 2020

We chose the sleep away training for our pup. While she was a sweet girl she had many behavioral issues. In a few short weeks Ashley and her team had her behaving completely different. We chose this team due to their professionalism, educated and talented staff. You can tell from the first conversation this group is not only about the dogs, but about making better dog owners as well. I’ve had dogs all my life and I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve learned from Ashley. My best advice, purchase the services with confidence and trust her with your furry family member. You will not be disappointed.

Kimber, Andy, and Nikki October 2020

Love this place!! Was on my 3rd dog trainer & just thought my Buddha would have to be a dog that never was able to go on walks. He’s a covid, fear aggressive, mastiff baby 🍼 We have been working with Ashley and the last time we were at her studio, someone else came in & Buddha didn’t even care. Before Ashley he wanted to lunge, growl, and scare everyone & everything before it could scare him. He’s a work in progress but we found a professional 👏🏼🙏🏼 Thank you Ashley 💕💕💕💕

Buddha and Barbara September 2020

Ashley has been helping me train my service dog Bailey since he was a young pup. I firmly believe there is no behavioral issue that she can't help with. She has taught him commands, helped him walk politely on a leash, made him stop reacting fearfully to other dogs, and adjusted her techniques as needed to my mobility issues. I literally recommend her to everyone.

Bailey and Jen March 2020

I brought my very anxious rescue dog to Ashley to help with his lack of confidence in public places and around men. Taking him to a board and train was the hardest decision I have ever had to make because my life revolved around him, but it was by far the best decision I ever made for us both. After working and bonding with him for a few weeks, Ashley had me come in once a week to learn how to properly handle and interact with my German Shepherd. After Ashely worked with us, I can now take Zeus out in public and trust he will remain calm and allow me to shop, push a cart, and do whatever I need without worrying he will pull and try to drag me out of the store to escape. Before Ashely we couldn't take Zeus to any dog friendly places without worrying he would be stressed out and looking for a way to escape. We couldn't even take him to dog friendly restaurants for fear he would be anxious and bark at people. He's finally learned his crates are his zen dens and he enjoys going in there, relaxing, and feeling safe. I can take daily walks with him in the neighborhood without him pulling me down the sidewalk, and he more consistently listens to commands in new environments. The biggest challenge was during our recent move and having 4 movers coming in and out of the house, but Zeus stayed in his crate and remained calm with strangers in his house. The biggest compliment on our moving day was when the cable installer commented he didn't even realize a dog was in the house until Zeus barked only 1 time the entire time there were 5 strange men in our new home. Before working with Ashley, Zeus would bark uncontrollably at anyone who came into our house. Ashley truly worked magic with Zeus, and we are all living a much happier and calmer life after working with Ashley. I highly recommend her for any dog behavior issues. She will talk to you and understand what issues you are having, and then create a plan that is best for you and your dog, and her help does not end with her initial plan as she offers assistance even after the initial training program. If you're looking for a personalized training program for you and your dog, or just a trainer who will listen to your concerns and help you and your dog live a happy life, definitely consider [Limitless Canines]!

Zeus and Wendy January 2019

Ashley is an amazing dog trainer and you will not regret having her as your trainer! She provided us with as much support as needed and will be there for you when needed. She is flexible and will work with your needs so that you can have your perfect dog! She trained our corgi puppy and he has changed for the better and we are so much happier!

Winnie and Jen January 2019

Ashley focused on our dog Coopers individual behavioral issues. She not only teaches obedience but she does it in a way that our anxious dog feels more confident in himself and in us. She teaches it's not just the dog but the person giving the direction. I realized a lot of times that is was me, not my dog LOL. Ashley is super patient. My wife is deaf and Ashley made her fee comfortable through the whole training. So if you want a trainer who knows what she is doing, is patient, builds a rapport with you and your dog, she's your trainer!

Cooper and Sarah November 2018

Ashely with Smashingly Respectful Dog Training is hands down the best!!! I will forever go to her with all my dog training needs as well as when I get another dog (can’t wait lol) She did an excellent job with Zoey, I brag to everyone she’s this well behaved thanks to Ashley. I highly recommend her!!!! She won’t let you down. Extremely dedicated and very knowledgeable.

Zoey and Tina November 2018

Having Ashley help us with training our German Shepherd puppy was the best decision we could have made. She is extremely knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond for us in more ways than can be described. She never makes you feel rushed, is extremely attentive, and is always willing to answer questions and provide guidance. Leyna has more than thrived from her training and has done amazing. Ashley has also given us the tools not only to train certain things, but to understand the dog mentality and apply it to different scenarios. Ashley is awesome and we recommend her every chance we can!

Leyna, Lauren, and Shane May 2018

Ashley is the best trainer and helped me and my dog get to a place we were both happy with! I can now take my dog anywhere I want and know that she will be the amazing dog that everyone wishes their dog was! So if that’s what you’re looking for, give Ashley a call. You won’t regret it :)

Remi and Kaitlyn June 2017

Ashley and her team were beyond knowledgeable with their craft. They were able to teach me various methods and techniques to teach my dog how he was expected to behave in any situation. Additionally, they were very flexible with schedules and coordinating the best time that worked for everyone. I would definitely recommend her over anyone any day. Very much worth the money!

Toby, Jeff, and TJ May 2017

Our pup Olivia (Livy) is a half lab/half shepherd mix full of energy and smart as can be. Ashley has done a fantastic job training her and giving her the skills and manners any owner would be thrilled to have in their pup. Actually, Ashley has far exceeded our expectations. Livy was a private/board client and stayed with Ashley for a little over 2 weeks. The day she came home I was blown away. She responded to commands quickly and was so well behaved. Before training Livy was very difficult to walk, full of energy, jumping, nipping at my legs, I can not only walk Livy with ease, I can walk her with my older lab Bella as well. Life has been great! In addition to the boarding and training sessions, we hear from Ashley regularly to check on Livy and she is always ready to help with any questions we may have. She is well worth every penny we paid! It has been a blessing to have such a knowledgable, respectful, caring and just nice as can be trainer. If I could give her 10 stars I would. Thank you for changing our lives! You are amazing!

Olivia and Carole March 2017

Ashley is a great trainer! We have 2 dogs with very different personalities. She was able to help us with training them both in a way that was personalized for each dog. After just one training session we saw progress while walking on a leash (no more pulling!) Now both dogs are able to walk on a heel without us even holding their leashes! I highly recommend Smashingly Respectful to get the most out of training for both you and your dog.

Lucy, Fred, Leigha and Bryan July 2016
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