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The Go Bag aka. Doggy Diaper Bag

The Go Bag aka. Doggy Diaper Bag

The Go Bag aka. Doggy Diaper Bag

The Go Bag aka. Doggy Diaper Bag

January 2, 2019

Do Yoga! Pick up your dogs poop!

It's almost SUMMER! 🏖🌞

Time to take the vacations, schedule the hikes, hangout with the friends and family, and enjoy the second most wonderful time of the year (#1 being Christmas...duh). But what about your DOG? Wouldn’t you love to take him with you on your adventures? Of course! But you're going to be gone for a few hours maybe even make it a whole day trip. So what the hell are you supposed to bring??

What I have in my car at all times is what I call The Go Bag. Not to be confused with hoebag…

In this bag includes:
Extra Leash and collar for my dogs
Collapsible Dog bowl and a bottle of water
A Toy either interactive toy; like a chuck-it/a ball or pacifier toy; like a bone
Poop bags on a roll and then a backup roll just in case
Purell (for after being an upstanding citizen and cleaning up after your dog!)
Disinfectant wipes (if its in a store on the floor, I like to make sure to clean the area well)

Then make sure to have anything else that you would need for your dog. Dog food, blanket, towel, first aid kit, etc.

If you're interested in grabbing one of the Smashingly Respectful Go-Bags to get you started with the things listed above, fill out contact form with Subject: GO BAG! 😁

I need help with my dog!